Logo Oddments 1
Not every logo I make ends up getting its own post, so I figured an oddments collection post now and again would be a good idea. Enjoy!
Marine research and videography business. Designed in Affinity Designer, late 2017.
LunaticS0UL, gaming channel and gamer profile. Affinity Designer, 2018
Cover for Dr. Dasan's third album. Blender, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Photo.
Various single covers for Dr. Dasan, between Jan 2018 and now. All in Affinity, Blender, and 3DS Max.
Solo experimentation. Affinity Designer.
Logo and intro for definitely-not-fictional production company Mistaken Studio
My original logo, long before I realized faking employee count wasn't going to get me more clients. I still like the 49. 100% Affinity Designer, late 2016.

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