I've spent most of the summer and months prior working and honing my skills in music and design, so I haven't done much commercial work in a while. Logo Oddments 2 includes some concepts I've developed and a bunch of stuff from Memory Bank, the group I'm in and design for. There will likely be some more content coming from my classes and upcoming Skylight Syndrome work. Enjoy!
"Waiting for Dawn", Dec '18. Blender, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer
Memory Bank logo, Feb '19. Affinity Designer
Memory Bank branding header, Feb '19. Blender
Memory Bank album covers, Jan - May '19. Blender + Affinity Designer
Cat & Jack concept redesign, Jul '19. Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo
Concept outdoor logo, Jun '19. Affinity Designer
Trash Surgery band logo, Jan '19. Affinity Designer
Portrait & color exploration, Oct '18

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