Redesigning the SAHS Yearbook website from scratch
I'd be lying if I said it was easy, but I'd also be lying if I said it wasn't completely worth it.
Problems: Well... just look at it. It's like Word got lost and somehow ended up online. It was actually a Google Doc set up as an embed in the school website, entirely static and uninviting.

Benefits: It's easy to make.
Now, everything is exactly where it should be. The fonts match, it loads quickly, and it oozes the professionalism an often-ignored team needs. This redesign was a key factor in the board's decision to grant the yearbook additional funding. The gold & black scheme is matched to SAHS's school colors, used here to great effect and contrast. Let's zoom in.
Here's the first thing you'll see. But wait... yearbook tools? What's that do?
Previously, the yearbook couldn't really do much without students, parents, and photos coming to us physically. With the new publisher and website, this was no longer an issue. My redesign allowed us to bring the system into the 21st century. This was a major factor in the redesign process.
What if I'm on mobile?
Everything on the actual site is centered. There are no uneven margins.
The magic of responsive design. No matter how small the screen, how big the screen, or how in-the-middle the screen, nothing is lost.
The yearbook lives on.
Why don't you visit for yourself and get a feel for my work? Check it out.
- Elias Hardt

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